Thursday, December 27, 2012


New Single from Hip Hop recording artist

Kelvin Jermaine Broadnax, aka 1hunit aka Famous, was born and raised in Plant City, Florida on June 21, 1982. Kelvin grew up in a close-knit family. His paternal grandmother taught him how to play the piano. Kelvin says that music was always alive in his household by way of records, but that there are no other real musicians in his family.
Y.O.L.O started out making beats for a group called Fade Crusade, but soon his work evolved into solo projects. Kelvin has rapped at various different nightclubs in the Tampa Bay area. Additionally, he was a member of Ghetto Dynasty, a rap group based out of Tampa Bay. When as a member of Ghetto Dynasty, he has performed alongside popular rappers Trick Daddy, Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne, Trina, Rick Ross, Blood Raw, Young Jeezy, and Shawty Lo. He has done numerous nightclub appearances at clubs throughout the states of Florida and Georgia. 
Y.O.L.O has played the piano since he was 4 years old. He always knew he had a talent for music, and liked the notion of making music, so as he got older, he bought a beat machine and started making beats. Y.O.L.O's fondest musical memories are those of himself as a kid, listening to old seventies records that his parents played at home. He believes he is unique, as he cannot think of anybody that he sounds like. Because of his production experience, Kelvin has a clear understanding of how his music should be handled from a production perspective, and he believes that gives him an “edge” over many other artists. His favorite aspect of the musical experience is the recording process. He enjoys creating a beat, and then rapping to it. He believes his best overall qualities are his great interpersonal skills, and his ability to get along with almost every person he encounters. 
Y.O.L.O thinks his biggest weakness lies in the fact that he is very easygoing. This causes others to assume they can take advantage of his laid back personality. Goals/ThinkinG FuTurisTically Y.O.L.O enjoys football, basketball and fishing. Musically, his goal is to spread his particular sound throughout the music industry. Generally speaking, he strives to be a good parent to his daugh- ters, and live a comfortable lifestyle. Wealth is not a priority, but comfort is.