Monday, August 16, 2010

The Return of B.G. aka B.Gizzle

July 25, 2010 marked the concert that was dubbed "The Return of B.G. aka B.Gizzle". In case you are not familiar with the iconic Hip-Hop artist, he is the creator of the song "Bling Bling", which changed the music industry, and become a household phrase amongst all of us. A member of the mega group, The Hot Boyz, which also included multi-platinum selling artists Lil Wayne, and Juvenile. B.G., coined 'The Heart of the Street' has kept his music edgy and independent with he last few releases. Now he bring us the new hit "Back to the Money", a break out single bringing him back to the Hip-Hop spotlight. 

On July 25, we successfully brought B.G. to Spring Hill, FL. to Bar Envy for a live up close and personal energetic performance of B.G. classics, gritty street anthems, and brand new hits for a pack house of his biggest fans. After several opening performances including artists Tata, Lil Ceezy, Cutti Boiz, Short D, King Jermm, and others the crowed erupted as they heard "Waaaaaaaaaaa", B.G.'s signature shout. 

45 Minutes. That is how long B.G. stood on stage, surrounded by fans, no security, as he rocked to a packed house. People stood on chairs, on the bar, and on tables to get their view and pictures. Everyone stood and stayed energetic through-out the entire performance. I myself in the mix as well. 

I have organized, hosted, and promoted many events, and worked with many artists. However, this was the best performance I have ever seen, or been lucky enough to be apart of. To top that even was how humble the star was. He denied no one a hand shake, a hug, or a picture. Showed love to everyone who had a camcorder, and held himself very well amongst his fans, as if he was just one of them. After that it was easy to see why B.G. is truly, The Heart of the Streets!!!

Shout Outs: Special shout outs goto Get Your Shine On Entertainment (JaRock & Rob), Bar Envy, Randy Soprano, Heavy Grindaz, DJ Rhinestone (WiLD 94.1).

Written By: Tony aka T-Loc the Boss (Club Junkie Events CEO)

T-Loc the Boss & B.G. 
(July 25, 2010 at Bar Envy, Spring Hill, FL.)

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  1. Anthony, I so enjoyed your post and I found it hysterical! My name is mispronounced ALL the time and people somehow end up turning Giselle into Gizzle. It has ended up as a nickname I've been stuck with for years now! So your post was extra humorous to me personally. I like your writing style and I'm looking forward to your blog!